General Questions

1Why should we consider digital marketing?
As you know, the old marketing ways are extinct now and a lot of businesses are going digital. Using the infinite potential of web space helps you to reach an acceptable growth within a reasonable time. So you must consider digital marketing to avoid unreasonable fees of the old marketing ways.
2What are our goals?
We as Shagrath agency define different goals according to your business and request but our main target is to grow your brand and increase profit for you and your business
3Why should we work with Shagrath Agency?
Although working with us has different pros for different projects but some similarities are: we analyze your customer and optimize your product and services in accordance with the customer behavior, your company will see progress by working with a professional team, we increase your return on investment and decrease your costs.
4What are the tools used for digital marketing?
A majority of analysis and strategizing happens by the help of digital marketing tools. Analytics tools, email marketing tools, marketing tools, project management tools, marketing automation tools, SEO tools, data mining tools, etc.
5What are the services you provide?
Considering the capability and requests of our customers, we provide different services such as: website design, SEO, Google ads, social media marketing, campaign creation, content marketing, branding, digital marketing, video marketing, email marketing, etc.