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Social media management in Dubai

  We all know that nowadays social media is an important aspect of business, in social media the relationship between you and your target audience becomes thinner than ever. It’s a place for public discussion where you can show your companies personality; the unique voice and tone you have chosen to interact with your customers. UAE is no different, we need to have an active well designed social media appearance to engage our current clients and build relationship with them; and also use it to reach more target audience and build trust with new clients.

What is social media management?

Professional social media management is a series of tasks created to make your business more popular on social media. Social media management in becoming one of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing and it goes hand in hand with your web design efforts. These tasks include: content creation, content design, page security improvement, optimizing the page for internal search, increasing the number of followers using marketing strategies, answering messages and comments, social listening, etc.

Instagram Management

Social Media Management in Dubai
Instagram is one of the most important social media that we need to pay attention to. With more than 1 billion users worldwide it comes fourth most popular social media. Instagram is pretty much a visual social media, focusing on images, pictures and videos.    

What can we bring to your instagram page?

    Increasing the page security, activating instagram shopping, adding your business to instagram map, setting automated reply for direct messages, answering direct messages, answering comments, creating daily high quality content including well designed posts and stories and a motion graph per month.

Instagram management cost in Dubai

    The price for instagram management worldwide is something between 450$ to 850$ per month and in Dubai it’s something between 1500aed to 6000aed, but usually you won’t get best services when paying 1500aed.

How much is our prices for instagram management?

Unlike other agencies we don’t have several packages for the same job, we don’t sacrifice the quality for a little more money;   we’re either managing the Instagram page or we don’t, and if we do, we make sure we are providing everything needed, from content creation to graphic design or answering the messages, we will take care of it.   We even help you and consult you if you decide to start an advertisng campaign.   And for all of that our Instagram management services are starting at 1800aed monthly.   Depending on the competition or your needs the price may increase or decrease.
Instagram Management in Dubai

Facebook Management

Facebook Management in Dubai
  Faebook is the most popular social media with more than 2.8 billion users.   This means that if you don’t use it for your business you will be left out. Facebook is updating fast and managing it becomes harder and harder with every update; so an expert can help you speed up the process of managing your facebook business account and improve your performance.    

How much facebook management cost in dubai?

    Facebook management costs between 250$ to 300$ monthly worldwide and in Dubai it will be between 1000aed to 1200aed. And this is just for when the money you want to spend on ads are less than 8000aed, if it’s more than that, the price will be 15% of monthly ad spend.

How much do we charge for Facebook Management?

      Facebook and instagram are almost connected in most of the aspects.   Therefore if you already have purchased our instagram management services then we will only charge you 300aed more for adding facebook management to our services.   This brings the total to 2100aed for both instagram and facebook management.
Social Media Management Prices in Duabi

Linkedin Management

Linkedin Management in Dubai
Linkedin is one of the social media that is focused on B2B interactions and connections.   With 660 million users it’s only logical to bring most of your B2B marketing efforts to this platform.   With a solid strategy you will be able to increase your reach and trustworthiness both for you and your brand.    

How much linkedin management costs in Dubai?

    The cost for linkedin management in Dubai, is not something that is actually precise but it depends on the services you want. Whether it’s just setting up the business page or you want daily posts being updated either for your followers or your employees, etc.     But it’s ranged between 800aed to 1200aed

Twitter Management

    Twitter is one of the best platforms that you can use to better recognize your audience and find out how they are thinking about your business.   Twitter gives you a great opportunity for social listening and building a connection with your audience that you can’t find in any other social media.    

How much does twitter management cost in Dubai?

    Twitter management costs something between 1500aed to 6000aed per month
Twitter Management in Dubai

Social media Post Design in Dubai

Post Design in Dubai
If you think that you want to be more involved in your business social media management we can help you with single post design for your social media.   That means that we either gather the content ourselves or by your suggestion, we create a graphic designed post for your social media you can use in any of your channels you want.

How much is one social media post design in Dubai?

  We charge 99aed per single post design. 250aed for sliding posts Motion Graphic, 499aed per second  

Social media management services shagrath agency provides in Dubai

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