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Web Design Services in Dubai

  In today’s digital world having a website is a must. Picture this, your customer forgot your location and looks you up online, but because you don’t have a website they will find another business and just like that you lost a customer for good.

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Now what should we do to stop losing our clients, well, having a well designed website is the right place to start.

Web design services we provide in Dubai includes designing personal websites, designing  business websites, designing  ecommerce website and so on.

Web design services for small business in Dubai

If you have decided to use web design services for your small business, remember that you are not building Amazon, you are not asking for Ebay; so you should look for a web design service provider that works within your price range.

The prices of your web design services may vary from as low as 700 AED to as high as 7000 AED depending on the functions you want and the number of the pages of the website. Remember that using web design services is a must for small businesses these days, but it will not stop here since it’s just the beginning of the road; after that you must start on your SEO. Imagine buying a horse and expecting to become the first in the horseback riding competition but not training it or feeding it; this will never happen. A website is not just a catalog for your business although it does have this functionality, but it’s more of a place that your customer can interact with you; and you as a business owner can show them how much they are valuable for you by choosing the right web design services.

Ecommerce web design services

Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier or distributer, reaching your target audience was never as simple as it is right now.   Everyday almost 5.6 billion searches is done on Google, if you want to increase your sale or start selling goods or services, you must have a well-built-website.   So what is ecommerce?   Ecommerce is a type of website, designed to sell goods online.   Whether you sell carpets or phones or skincare products you can start your Ecommerce website today by using our Ecommerce Web Design Services.

Web design services company

If you have decided to go with a web design services company there are several things you might want to consider before making your decision.
  • 1.       The price range: Web design services company you choose must have services within your price range that means if your estimated profit per month is 5000 AED it’s not reasonable to go with a web design company that their services prices starts at 5000 AED .
  • 2.       Trustworthiness: You should choose a reputable web design company that has past experience and good customer support. It’s a shame if you spend a lot of money on your website and when you want to show it to one of your customers the website is down and the Web design services company’s customer support are not responding.
  • 3.      Locality: The web design company you choose should be in your local area because there are cultural matters that can’t be explained; and also it’s best to know that the company has done prior works in your local area.

Web design services near me

    How to find web design services near you?   Well for that you can ask other small businesses or someone you know who has a website, or if you don’t have anyone near you,   you can reach out to us for your web design needs and our experts will give you a free estimate.   and you can have something to compare when you look around to choose the best web design services near you.

SEO and web design services

  Just designing your website won’t be enough, picture building the best shop in the world with high quality and well priced products but locating that shop in a place that no one can find it.   Well it’s the same when you want to design a website; SEO is to have your website come up in the search engines using the signals translatable for search engines.   SEO has two steps:
  • On-page SEO:including making your website SEO-Friendly, speeding up your website, optimizing your website headings and titles, optimizing the density of the keywords used on your pages, etc.
  • Off-page SEO: this step includes building link on quality websites, in easier terms it’s when another website refers your website as trustworthy. This makes search engines recognize you as trustworthy as well.

Web design services pricing

  As stated earlier, web design services prices depend on a few factors, such as:
  • The type of website design you are looking for: for example the price for building an ecommerce website is higher than designing a personal website
  • The number of pages: if you are looking for a website designed with one page introducing your business you can save more money than designing a website with 5 or 6 pages.
  • The functionality of your website: if you are looking for a website with a simple design and a simple function of a contact form you will have to pay less than when you want to create a completely automated website that has a lot of functions.

Web design services Shagrath Agency provides in Dubai

We as Shagrath digital marketing agency will be glad to help you design your website with the lowest prices possible; or even if you are not yet sure whether having a web designed for your business, our experts can give you a free consulting and estimate.

Web design Packages

  • Personal web design: in this type you can have a landing page, a portfolio and a contact page.
  • Business web design: this web design package includes a landing page, a homepage, a contact page and a blog
  • Ecommerce: with our ecommerce web design package you can have a website with functions to sell, manage stocks, add products and lead creation.
  • Customized package: with our customized web design package you can have a website with the number of pages and functionalities that you desire.