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SEO is a group of techniques we use to make a website rank higher in search engines. For example, if you search for an ice cream store near you, what is the first link you see? What did they do to make their website be recommended to you by Google? We all know how much it helps to have your business website ranked as the first link on the results page.

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Now, what should we do to stop losing our clients? Well, having a well-designed website is the right place to start. Web design services we provide in Dubai include designing personal websites, designing business websites, designing eCommerce websites, etc.

I get what you say about SEO but what is it exactly?

What is SEO?

Well, to put it simply, it's a combination of inserting some codes on your website plus some content marketing for your content.

Let me explain more; let's say you have an online store and want to rank for the keyword "blue shirt" (BTW, a keyword is what a person enters into search engines to look something up). What's the first thing to do? First, you must create content; that means you must have something on your website that is related to "blue shirt." Things like where the blue shirt came from, what it is made of, what a blue shirt represents, and maybe even the whole history of "blue shirt." But try not to overdo it. You must have some answers; imagine searching for something on Google and clicking on the first link to find out that it has nothing to do with what you searched. You will get angry, right? So does the search engine. After you have created your content, you must send some signals to the search engines and let them know what your content is regarding. These signals include title, description, and headings used on your website. Don't forget to speed up your website because we all hate slow websites, and so does the search engine.

Is that all I have to know about SEO?

Nope, we’re only just getting started. Okay, so you have created content related to your keyword and made your website fast. Does that guarantee that the search engine ranks your website higher than the others? No! Well, as you created the content, your competitors also created one; and they have also improved their website speed. Now how does a search engine decide which one to rank higher?
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Here starts Off-page SEO or link building

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Off-page SEO or link building is when you get recommended to users and search engines from other websites. Imagine you have written an excellent recipe for marinara sauce, another website wants to teach its users how to make a pizza, but it doesn’t have the time to teach them how to make marinara. So the other website gives a link to your marinara recipe and says that” okay if you want to learn how to make marinara, you can check this recipe out.” This will give your website authority. It shows search engines that you are trustworthy and your content is helpful for the audience. One of the most important ranking factors when it comes to SEO is authority. If other websites do not trust your website, then it’s not trusted by search engines.

How to choose the best SEO Services in Dubai

First, you have to check if your competition is high or not.   You actually don’t need to hire a company or a freelancer to work on your website SEO. It’s something you can do yourself.    But if the competition is high, you might want to hire a professional.   Well, how can I check the competition?
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Finding SEO competitors

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The first thing you should do is to find the keywords you want to be ranked for, for example, “locksmith in Dubai.” Then you can do a keyword search to see how many competitors you have for this specific keyword. A simple way to do this is to open your Google browser and search this: Allintitle: “locksmith in Dubai.” Then check for the number of results appearing. The number you see is the number of your competitors working on their SEO. If you see that the competition is high, it’s best that you contact a professional SEO.

SEO pricing in Dubai

The price of SEO starts from anywhere between 360 AED to 18400 AED, depending on the project size and competition.   Check out here for more info about SEO pricing in Dubai.   Some SEO’s charge by keyword, some others charge monthly, and a lot of agencies and freelancers charge by the hour.    If you have an eCommerce website with a lot of keywords, then it’s reasonable for you to go with the monthly payment, and if you have a business website, it’s best to go with keyword payment.   Our price for SEO Services in Dubai is 180 AED per hour; you can submit your request here.
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Do I have to rebuild my website for SEO?

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If it’s built correctly, there’s no need to rebuild it. But remember that your web design service affects your SEO a lot. So if you haven’t made your website yet, be careful and choose a professional web designer to work on your website.

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If you want us to give you a free estimate for your SEO needs, just submit your information and one of our professional SEO agents will contact you within 24 hours to provide you with a free consultation for your SEO service needs. Remember that the SEO pricing depends on a lot of factors such as the type of website, the CMS, the number of keywords and the competition. If you want us to give you the estimate just submit your information below.