the future of the metaverse
What do you think the future of the metaverse would be?
November 30, 2021
benefits of the metaverse
What are the benefits of the metaverse for us?
January 18, 2022

Will it be a time that all people live in the Metaverse only?

live in the metaverse

The metaverse’s growing, and we’re closer to seeing what we’re going to face. There are some theories about the future of the metaverse. One of them is the idea that we may reach a time that people only live in the metaverse. It may seem unrealistic at first but think about it. As the internet grows, people tend to be in touch with each other only using their phones. Communication between people is becoming limited to social media. face-to-face communication is disappearing. Now give it time to think about it. What will happen if we provide a situation that you can be anywhere, anytime. In a way, you don’t have to leave your place to visit your friends and family. A situation that you don’t have to leave your place even for something like your job. All interactions, all communication will be via metaverse. Something we know as the new chapter of the internet.

We’ll soon live in the metaverse

live in the metaverse

What will happen if you don’t have in-person communication with people you know? Isn’t it easier to be next to them anytime, no matter how far you are? For sure, it’s more convenient. People always want something that’s easier and upgrades the quality of their lives. It has its positive effect for sure. Technology makes our lives better as we agree on it. But what if it doesn’t?

What do you prefer when you want to visit your friend? Do you choose to stand up, get ready and go out with all the traffic and the time you have to be on the way? Or do you prefer just to sit, relax and be with your friend in places that can be impossible to be there in real life?

The first option seems better if you are a technology fan and prefer to upgrade as the world goes on. And just like that, soon reality will seem boring to you. In a place where you can visit your friends 1000 miles away from your city. Why should you hang out in a usual cafe like in the old days?

I prefer to visit my friends in a place I’ve created with the horizon. My special place. It all seems so fancy and fantastic at first, but what if we’re missing something significant? It’s the beginning of a new era that may have terrible effects on our lives.

As it goes like this, The metaverse becomes more popular. We will reach a time that you have no choice but do some of your everyday routines in the metaverse. A time that you’ll technically live in the metaverse. You can easily walk in the street, do sports, study, and have fun all in the metaverse. There will be no choice but live in the metaverse. There will be a time when all the advantages we have will fade away, and we start to see its drawbacks.

Life will be something limited to technology. We will have friends that we don’t even know if we visit them face to face. All we know about them is their digital avatar, interest, and lifestyle that may not be real. Knowing each other will be limited to what they show us in the metaverse. And once we get used to this kind of lifestyle, they’ll be no going back. Think about a time when we had to explain to our children that once we met each other and had honest conversations. They could see our emotions in our natural faces instead of using emojis to express them.

What it’ll be like to live in the metaverse

live in the metaverse

Imagine a time that you get up in the morning. All you have to do is just put on your glasses, and then you’re out and about. You can do all of your everyday routines. You can go shopping and meet people. You even have the chance to go to school and university without getting stuck in the traffic. You’re home again. You did everything you should do. Had a busy and productive day without even leaving your home. At the weekend you can have the biggest party in any place you want. Easily visit your friends all over the world. Perfect life ever. Do you think about what will happen afterward?

The consequences of staying away from real life

live in the metaverse

We’re used to being in groups and living as a society. Everybody loves having communication with all people. We like to have friends and visit them from time to time. We can do everything in the metaverse, but after a while, it’s all seem so fake to you. The quality of real face-to-face communication is really different from what we will have in the metaverse. When you live in the metaverse, your life can be easier, but it’s not real. It’s not what we need. Soon depression will increase among people, and we reach a time when we can’t let go of what we have. We’re all addicted to this type of life. We all know how destructive it is but can’t let go of it because it’s no longer an option for us. It’s a part of our lives. What will happen to those that will grow up in this digital world?

The next generation and the metaverse

live in the metaverse

With improved metaverse, people will be addicted to it soon. It may seem ok for us because we all live in a time with real communication. We all know the difference between face-to-face communication and social media types of interaction. Have you ever thought about the new generations like our children?

People who will be born when the metaverse is in its highest popularity. They will learn how to live in the metaverse before learning everything about real life. Can you even imagine how different they can be from us? They can’t even tell what’s real and what’s not. We have some breakthroughs in history that we looked at it as a revolution in human history. Soon after, we understood that the downside is more important to us. The destruction of them will be deathly to us. It’s one of those times that we all think we have something greater than ever. How long will it take this time to see that we created something destructive, and now it’s the time that we have to clear it and all the negative results it brought for us?

Will it be easy?

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