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Will it be a time that all people live in the Metaverse only?
January 1, 2022

What do you think the future of the metaverse would be?

the future of the metaverse

What do you know about it? What do you think the future of the Metaverse would be? Scary or fun? Do you consider yourself a fan of the Metaverse or something that scares you?
It’s something that we always expected. Something that scientists and filmmakers have tried to visualize for so many years. Something that we were all expecting. A digital world, A new world. People were always hoping that we could live in a digital world one day. In a place where you can do whatever you want without all the consequences, you will face in the real world. So here we have the pioneer in technology, as Mark Zuckerberg said, the New chapter of the internet, The Metaverse.

the future of the metaverse

It’s been over two months since Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook to Meta, and Meta fever increased. Now Dreams finally come true. We have something more significant than ever. Welcome to the new era. We’re all familiar with the Metaverse. Let’s move one step forward to see what exactly it is and what the future of the Metaverse would be.
Have you ever thought you could put on some glasses and Finally find yourself in a world identical to ours? To have a second life? To be another person? To experience the things that you could only imagine?
You have entrance to the Metaverse like that, and welcome to the new world. Yes, the new world where you can experience something more incredible than ever. You only need to put on your virtual reality glasses or other upcoming equipment. Now you can live your favorite movie, be in your favorite location and even build your perfect place. As you know it Metaverse is still a newborn, and we’re uncertain about the exact future it’ll bring us.)

The good or evil future of the metaverse

the future of the metaverse

Everything sounds great for now about the metaverse, and we all love it. But, have you ever considered that it has two sides for us? We are not sure which side we’re going to face soon. Some started to say that The Metaverse can be super addictive to its users. Being addicted to it can cause some actual damages for people but is that all? So the only problem that we’re going to face is social addiction? Of course not. That’s exactly what people want. There’s no doubt that it can be addictive. It gives us something that we can never have. For sure, we will use it a lot since all the things that make your life easier can be super addictive. As Zuckerberg said, the aim is not to use social media more. We want to upgrade its quality to use it better, not more.
We’re all addicted to the internet itself. we can’t entirely agree that the future of the Metaverse has anything to do with addiction. The damages that Metaverse will bring for us are not only internet addiction. we think Metaverse is like a gate to something beyond imagination for us. It’s a new world, sort of a parallel world for us. A world that goes on as our world goes on, even more remarkable, even better. But can it have as much influence as our everyday lives have on us? Is it possible that we reach a day that people prefer to live in this digital world rather than the real world? Is it possible that our lives will be like Matrix movies in the next century? To me, it’s pretty scary!

A future without real communication

the future of the metaverse

Metaverse is scary because I’m seeing a day when we lose everything we have now as a society. A day that the only way we communicate with each other is through the internet. We’re trying not to be on social media even now. Imagine how destructive it can be when there’s no way for you to avoid the Metaverse. Imagine that you need to do most of your works in the Metaverse. We will do it for sure since it’s easier and people always follow something easier. Soon there’ll be no honest communication left. A phase of our lives starts when we don’t even recognize each other’s faces if our avatars are different. Scary right? And this is the future of the Metaverse in my idea.

What has humanity always tried to avoid? What were we always trying not to happen? You know what I’m mean. That’s why Metaverse is a scary platform to me. we were always afraid of digitalization. Day and day will pass, and we dive into the digital world without noticing it. We have no clue how deep we’re falling. As it grows, more and more people will be in this advanced world, or maybe we can say trap. It’s the most surprising news of the decade. But apart from all the harmful negative stuff we said about Metaverse, it’s a revolution in technology. It sure is a revolution.

To understand it, we have nothing else but to wait to see what will happen in the future of the Metaverse. But do not miss the facts.

The New Trend

the future of the metaverse

The first thing that will happen is its popularity. We can’t underestimate the marketing ability of Zuckerberg. Soon it’ll be as popular as Facebook for people worldwide. Think about it for a second. A Digital world! What could have been more interesting than being anywhere you like anytime you want. Aren’t we too lucky to be born in this timeline to see the impossible? Soon it’ll be inevitable for all people around the globe. We start to see that the first thing people do for their newborns is to create their Metaverse account.

This is the future of the Metaverse that we will see soon. But what about other things? What will happen to cell phones and laptops? Don’t you think quickly everything will be pretty useless for us? Are companies like Apple need to step aside and see their products become useless? You have access to the Metaverse, where you can have all technologies that you want to have virtually. Soon there will be no need to have all these gadgets, and they all will be replaced by one thing. The key to all others. What will happen to Samsung, Apple, and other companies when we don’t need their products anymore? Soon they will have to change if they want to survive. They have to adapt themselves to this new chapter of the internet that is the future of the Metaverse.

It’s almost like the future we’ve been afraid of for so many years. I’m starting to believe that it’s possible that robots may overthrow humans. See, when the impossible became possible, there’s nothing that we think would never happen.

So that’s all we think for now about the future of the metaverse. We will have updates to see what exactly is going on. If you have any ideas about it, let us know to discuss your opinion


  1. Will it's a time that every one individuals reside within the Metaverse solely? says:

    and we’ re nearer to seeing what we’re going to face. There are some theories about the way forward for the metaverse. One in all them is the concept that we could attain a time that individuals solely reside within

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